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Small Business Feature - Makeup by Grace

Updated: Aug 26

I want you to feel as beautiful as I see you through my lens. There is no one I trust more to help ME, help YOU feel confident and radiant! Grace from Makeup by Grace is a pleasure to work with and her depth of knowledge accumulated in her 4 years running her own business is evident - she knows her stuff.

People often talk about their "why". What drives you everyday? What pushes you to be the best you can be and provide the amazing service you offer? It seems that it comes down to helping women & encouraging confidence and self love - something I relate to at Shanna Parker Photography! There is something truly rewarding about helping a woman to see her true beauty. As Grace says,

Seeing woman look in the mirror with a big smile on their face means the world to me! It is extremely rewarding to see how happy I can make someone feel.

Running a business, regardless of industry, requires us to wear many hats. From bookkeeping to marketing, these often aren't the elements that drove us to go into business for ourselves. But, we all have elements of our businesses that we ARE passionate about and for Grace, it's really getting to know her clients and ensuring an amazing result.

I take my time to really get to know my clients on a personal level but also ensure they REALLY love their makeup! I always do my best to make sure they are completely satisfied.

It's true, like photographers, makeup artists are a dime a dozen. We always want to leave a truly LASTING impressing on our clients, we want them to talk about us with their family & friends. What's the key to setting Makeup by Grace apart from the crowd? It's the special touches, the above & beyond and always willing to go the extra mile.

I provide a relaxing and friendly Makeup Application Session as well as a special (luxurious treatment to all my brides!) This can include such things as skin care application, Luxury Mink Lashes and a small touch up kit to use on your special day! I am here to help everyone, if anyone has a special request, I will do my best to help, as I want everyone to be happy.

The focus is all about the EXPERIENCE - Grace describes how her Makeup Experience sets her apart, leaves that lasting impression and ensures the "happiness factor" too! Being a mobile Makeup Artist,

Grace takes away anxiety over travel - no need to leave your home - no one will see your 'before' shot only your 'after' as you head off to your event or portrait session!

I think one of the biggest problems that I can solve for my clients is that they do not, and I repeat, DO NOT have to leave their house to get their makeup done - I come to you! I provide all services in the comfort of your OWN home and no need to leave your house, get in the car and drive to your appointment. I do the driving for you, just wish I also went to your functions too! haha!

Grace has an extensive collection of cosmetics and stocks sought after name brands.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a big leap. The draw of being able to take charge of her business and her career while being her own boss led Grace from where she started 4 years ago to where she is today.

I poured my heart and soul into building a name for myself and I did it. I've worked hard and I absolutely love what I do. Raising two small boys, I want them to know that no matter what your age, race or sex - if you have a passion or desire to do something you love - do it! If it makes you happy - do it! I choose to do it because I want my clients to have such a laid back and friendly experience, not just put makeup on their face and go. I've built relationships with people that I want to last a lifetime. I am extremely humbled and so proud of myself for taking charge and becoming the business woman I am today. The best part? I make my own hours!

Makeup Artist. Entrepreneur. Makeup by Grace is your local go-to for a fabulous makeup application and a fabulous experience.

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