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Boutique Studio Baby & Newborn Photography In Aurora, Ontario

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2021 Christmas Family & Children Photography Sessions

Weekends of: November 13/14 , 20/21 & December 4/5

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20 minute session followed by 20 minute ordering appointment

Anyone Can Take Pictures. I Create Memories That Last.

With photographers as common as coffee shops these days, how do you know you are selecting the right one for you? Along with nearly a decade of experience & dedication to perfecting my skill, the following benefits that come with hiring me will give you confidence you are making the right choice!


I use curated props & accessories that work together to create gorgeous, timeless photos.


I'm often told told that I have "the magic touch" and an abundance of patience during shoots.


I'll work with you to find the most suitable time in the week following your little one's birth.

Newborn Photography In Aurora, Ontario

Let’s Talk About Your Newborn Baby Photoshoot Session!

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Shanna Parker Photography serves all of York Region, including Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill & more.

Having a baby is one of the most exciting, life altering and memorable moments of our lives.

Whether it’s your first, second, or fifth baby, there is no greater anticipation than welcoming a new life into the world!

There are only a handful of major moments in our lives, and new babies are definitely one of them! I know it’s a whirlwind when you’re expecting a baby, believe me – I’ve done it three times myself!

Planning the nursery, ensuring you have all you need for when your precious little one arrives and preparing mentally for the huge change ahead of you!

I also know that the days, weeks and months FOLLOWING your little one’s arrival will go by in the blink of an eye.

Having a 13 year old myself, I can certainly attest to this! He was just born, I swear!

This is why it is SO important to document that short time when your new little one is brand new.

That literal BLINK in your life’s story when you first brought your sweet baby home will be one YOUR most important moments.

I would really like to help you capture it by preserving that moment in beautiful, timeless newborn photography images that you can look back on (when he’s 13, 23 and beyond…) and enable you to remember just how perfect and tiny he was in those first weeks.

Years from now, you’ll be sitting on his bedside as he prepares to go off to university, holding that gorgeous album we crafted together, and a smile will cross your face as you look at that sweet, tiny baby.

Trust me, you’ll be grateful we embarked on this journey together documenting his first days, because in THAT moment you’ll realize: you must have blinked.

Newborn Photography In Aurora, Ontario

HAve any questions?

I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have about my photographic style, studio, options and anything else you have on your mind.

Send me a quick message and I will get back to you ASAP:

We have been using Shanna as our family photographer for the last 5 years and she never disappoints! Her photos are beautiful, she has very creative ideas and always makes it work! She’s responsive, very professional and so great with the kids! It’s a wonderful experience and you will not be disappointed. We are looking forward to our future family photo sessions with Shanna for years to come 🙂

Lauren Robinson

Where Do The Newborn Photography Sessions Take Place?

Newborn Sessions most often take place in my home studio (located in Bradford), but, If you’d prefer me to come to your Aurora area home, I can certainly do that!

A short drive away, my cozy, dedicated studio space has everything we need to create beautiful images of your new baby and I keep the studio quite warm to keep baby sleepy.

I also have a wide assortment of hand curated props & accessories to style your session just to your liking.

My style includes neutrals, soft muted color, lots of texture (think burlap, jute & lace), and rustic & vintage touches.

I also love light and shadows; my images include lots of depth which highlights your baby’s sweet features.

These sessions have more of a ‘lifestyle’ feel to them, while I will bring a few simple setups, fabric posing & the majority of props are done in studio only.

For newborn photography, I typically use the master bedroom & nursery for Newborn sessions if done in your home.

When Is The Best Time To Book My Newborn Photography Session With You?

It’s typically best to book your session well in advance to ensure a space on my calendar!

Newborn photography sessions are best done in the first 2-3 weeks after birth, as during this period babies tend to still be quite sleepy. This makes it MUCH easier to achieve the sweet, peaceful images you see featured in my portfolio.

I typically book newborn sessions on weekday mornings with a 10am start time, and the sessions last from 2-4 hours depending on your package.

This time also accounts for many feedings & lots of soothing!

Note: If you are planning to book both Maternity & Newborn sessions, I do offer a packaged discount if you book them both at the same time 🙂

Does My Baby HAVE To Be Sleeping During The Session?

That’s a great question and I hear this a lot.

Honestly, I will do everything in my power to ensure your baby settles into a nice comfy sleep so we can capture the sweet, sleepy poses you see in my portfolio!

New babies don’t have much control over their limbs or eyes (lol!), so sleeping babies generally are more flattering when being photographed.

Babies are also more posable when asleep, with no flailing limbs & less startle-reflex.

How Would You Describe Your Style?

Style definitely matters.

As a photographer, I’ve fine-tuned and honed in-on what I feel is a signature style that defines my newborn photography work & sets me apart!

For one, I have a wide assortment of hand-curated props & accessories to style your session just to your liking.

My personal style also incorporates lots of neutrals, soft muted colors, lots of texture (think burlap, jute & lace) and rustic & vintage touches.

I do blanket posing as well, though it’s important to bear in mind that each baby is different & comfortable in different ways.

To get the most out of a newborn session, I will follow your baby’s lead. 

For example, if they do not like being naked, we’ll likely do more wrapped poses and I have a wide assortment of wraps, layers, bonnets and headbands that I use to give a wide variety in your gallery – from ‘simply baby unadorned’ to a ‘floral crown’.

Everything I’ve chosen in my studio is meant to flow together to create my signature style!

I love shadows & light; my images include lots of depth, which highlights your baby’s sweet features (so you won’t see flat, even lighting from me)!

If you love what you see on my site, odds are my style is for you!

What If My Baby's Siblings Won't Cooperate During the Shoot?

Another great question, and I’m not going to lie:

Sibling shots are definitely the trickiest part of newborn photography and particularly so when the sibling is still very young themselves!

That said, I am definitely stubborn & very experienced and I always work extremely hard to ensure you’ll have a great sibling photo!

I have years of experience working with kids and have definitely learned more than a few tricks during that time, believe me.

One thing I do recommend is starting with sibling shots first during your session and then having Dad or a Grandparent take the sibling out for an hour or two while we work with baby.

Simple in its approach but it definitely works!

How Much Do Your Family Photography Sessions Cost?

My Newborn Photography pricing for Baby only (in-studio) starts at $425 (+HST).

With parents and children is $550.00 (+ HST).

Newborn Photography in your home starts at $650 (+HST).

Please visit my Newborn Photography Pricing & Packages page for all of the details and what will be included in your newborn session.

OK, I'd Like To Hire You! What Do I Do Now?

That’s great!

Getting started is ultra-simple, and all you need to do right now is reach out and send me a quick and simple form message.

  1. Once I receive your message, I’ll get in touch with you ASAP and we’ll discuss which service you’d like, what you’d like to get out of the session and I’ll give you my available dates and times. You can then choose what works best for you and I’ll also answer other questions you might have.
  2. When your date arrives, we’ll get together for your newborn photo session.
  3. Once the session is completed, we’ll arrange your Selection & Ordering Appointment: Too often I hear that images stay tucked away on the computer and I want to provide you with beautiful archival pieces that can be viewed and cherished for generations to come.
  4. I’m happy to offer a complimentary in-person Selection & Ordering Appointment approximately 2 weeks after your photo shoot, where you will get to see your images for the first time and decide if you’d like to hang a beautiful portrait in your home or create a custom heirloom album.

You can of course simply select your included digital files too!

In the end, you’ll get the amazing portrait photography you wanted and I’ll get another extremely satisfied client!

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Baby Photoshoot Newborn Aurora Ontario

We have been working with Shanna for several years. From Maternity to newborn, family photos to headshots for business. She’s done it all for us! She’s so personable, puts you at ease and gives clear directions during the shoot. The finished product always surpasses our expectations! You can tell she loves what she does and it shows through her work!

Jacklyn De Ciccio

Newborn Photography Portfolio

The following baby photoshoot images are just a sampling of my complete portfolio.

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If you have any questions about my newborn photography studio and style – any at all – please feel free to send me a quick message and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

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