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Alliston Midwives for Comprehensive Pregnancy Care

Alliston Midwives for Comprehensive Pregnancy Care

Are you looking for a midwife? Do you need help figuring out what a midwife is and where to start? Midwives support you throughout pregnancy and birth, offering knowledgeable resources and comforting hands to guide you through this life-changing time. At Alliston Midwives, they believe that pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period is a transforming experience best supported by compassionate relationship-based care. Alliston Midwives have trained midwives who believe birth is a natural, beautiful, and sacred process.

About Alliston Midwives

Serving women since 1994, no matter what your birth plan is, the midwives at Alliston Midwives are here to support and care for you and your family. The midwives provide prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum care. Whether you want to have a baby at home or at the hospital, Alliston Midwives is here to provide support however they can. They are organized into two teams that offer services 24/7, so someone is always there whenever you need it most.

All midwives went to a four-year university for Midwifery, and they actually are a teaching practice. Hence, they always have new midwives learning and training with the expert midwives that will care for you and your family.


During prenatal care, your visits include checking blood pressure, the baby’s growth and position, as well as heart rate, and routine lab tests, with referrals for ultrasounds and genetic testing as necessary. They also offer information about community programs and resources and consult on nutrition, sleep, and other factors affecting your health and comfort during pregnancy. These visits usually last up to an hour and occur every month until 28 weeks and then weekly after that.

During active labor, care includes monitoring your blood pressure, pulse, and temperature, assessing the dilation of your cervix, monitoring labor contractions and the baby’s heart rate, providing emotional and physical support, and of course, delivering your baby.

After the baby is born, you will receive continued support to help you with infant feeding, newborn care, and overall monitoring of you and your baby up to six weeks after giving birth. Alliston Midwives never want you to feel alone, and they are there to support you every step of the way!


The midwives at Alliston Midwives provide a highly personalized type of maternity care in which they take the time to get to know each individual person and their family. They specialize in learning what each member of the family and support needs, and they empower everyone to be an integral part of their own care.

Alliston Midwives

Alliston Midwives is a person-centered practice focused on access, care, and experience. They reside at 35 Victoria St. East in Alliston, and you can easily give them a call at 705-435-2406 to set up your first consultation. The team provides consistent communication, open collaboration to develop personalized birth plans, and compassionate support throughout your pregnancy. Come and see how Alliston Midwives can make a difference in your pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum needs!

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