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Personalized Gifts for Your Little One at You Name It Baby!

Personalized gifts for your little one at You Name it Baby!

Seeing your little ones’ names on things brings joy! After all, you put thought into it. Your child’s name is beautiful to you, from something you heard, a name you always loved, something you blended to make your own, or a family name. I’m not saying the names printed on their belongings aren’t adorable. But have you thought about the educational benefits? Studies have shown that a child’s ability to recognize their own name is one of the early literacy skills children learn in kindergarten. They have also seen that name recognition can lead to a deeper understanding of how letters and sounds work. While most kids will find this in kindergarten, they can learn this skill set beforehand. But where can you get these adorable products? You can find fun and cute products to put your baby’s name on at an adorable store called You Name it Baby!

About You Name It Baby

Rebecca Lander and Amy Hiltz started off as two dear friends who had the exciting opportunity to go through their pregnancy and motherhood journey together. Excited for this new journey and wanting to prepare, they realized no store in Toronto offered personalized products for kids. They were so excited about sharing milestones with one another that they decided to take things to the next level. No longer just besties in 2005, after the birth of their children, they became mompreneurs. As co-owners, they opened You Name it Baby! A kids’ store that has, over the years, obtained both in-store and online customers throughout Canada and even the United States.


You Name it Baby! is Canada’s #1 store for personalized and unique gifts for babies and kids they will cherish. Whether you want to create a customized gift basket, monogram a baby gift, custom embroider the perfect personalized blanket or make a customized stool, they have it all. They take pride in their carefully selected and created stylish, high-quality personalized baby gifts and personalized items for kids that are made to last for generations. They have various options, from toys, backpacks, towels, blankets, name puzzles, and more! Shop in-store at 3383 Bathurst Street, North York, Ontario M6A 2B8. Or shop online!


Beyond their phenomenal customer service, their actual start is all in the name. Their process is super simple! First, choose the product you would like to customize. Next, select your font and thread or paint colors for their unique, one-of-a-kind personalized gift! It’s that easy! 

You Name It Baby

These personalized gifts for little ones are something you and they will cherish for years to come. Get a couple of items at You Name it Baby in your family name as well as their first, and it’s the perfect family heirloom! Build treasured moments and boost their education in one shopping trip.

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