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Midwives of York Region for Informed Birthing Choices and Plans

Midwives of York Region for Informed Birthing Choices and Plans

Are you planning to add a little one to the family and researching birthing options? Or perhaps you’ve recently discovered that you’re expecting and setting up your birthing plan, so you feel prepared? Either way, I am so excited for you and this beautiful journey you’re on! Starting your research and creating a plan is a great way to know your options and find the best care to oversee you and your pregnancy. While it’s fairly common for an expecting mother to see an obstetrician, it’s not the only option for moms-to-be who desire something different from the standard hospital room. You have the option of a Midwife. This is where Midwives of York Region come in. 

Why use Midwives of York Region?

Midwives can provide primary care to women throughout normal low-risk pregnancy, labor, and birth. They can also provide care to both mom and baby during the first six weeks postpartum. Midwives acquire this right by qualifying for registration either by graduating from the Ontario Midwifery Education Programme (a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Midwifery four-year university degree program) or by successfully completing the International Midwifery Pre-registration Program, offered through the continuing education division at Ryerson University. The Midwives of York Region meet and exceed all of their expectations.

About Midwives of York Region 

In 1994, Ontario became the first Canadian province to regulate and fund Midwifery. Midwifery services are fully funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and long-term care. This gives clients access to Midwifery at no cost and surety and their midwives’ abilities. This helped pave the way for Midwives of York Region when they were established in 2003. They’ve been caring for clients and their families throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the first 6 weeks of postpartum care with compassion, guidance, support, and dedication every step of the way. Nine registered midwives work as a team to provide around-the-clock on-call availability. They work hard to make their space safe, inviting, inclusive, and favorable to all clients regardless of background, beliefs, or lifestyle. 


Midwives of York Region work collaboratively in group practices. This means you will receive care from a small number of midwives. Your prenatal visits to their clean and organized clinic will follow the standard obstetric routine. Once a month for the first 28 weeks, every two weeks until 36 weeks, and then once a week until your baby is born. A midwife will provide clinical examinations, counseling, and education during this time. When your time of labor and delivery arrives, you will choose a home or hospital birth for your comprehensive and supportive care. They will check in for 6 weeks after birth to monitor your and your baby’s health.


They believe in support and encourage you to bring your spouse or support person to your appointments and for labor and delivery. 

Midwives of York Region

When you choose Midwives of York Region for your birthing plan, you’re choosing support, resources for informed choices, and new options. If you want to know more about appointments and their facility, visit their website.

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