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Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Products at Parenting by Nature!

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Products at Parenting by Nature!

Parents want the best for their little ones, from eco-friendly essential baby gear to quality-made socks on their little toes. Being mindful of the kinds of products your baby is surrounded by can be daunting. Constantly checking labels and companies’ standards can be frustrating and make your shopping experience take longer than necessary. Did you know there is a local store that does all that searching for you? If you’re looking for eco-friendly and sustainably made products you can trust and feel good about buying, Parenting by Nature has all that and more. If you have never been, you are missing out on easier shopping. 

About Parenting By Nature 

Since 2004, this family-owned and operated business has worked hard to build lasting relationships with its customers by providing high-quality products and superior customer service. Their journey started with them filling their shelves with BPA-free products before they became the everyday staple. When they saw people had the same desire for non-toxic and healthy products that they did, it was a no-brainer. The ability to provide inspiration, education, and support to parents is something they take pride in. They believe quality takes priority over quantity, taking their time to carefully curate the products they keep in stock.


Essentials to wants, whatever you’re looking for, Parenting by Nature probably has it. This isn’t your average baby store full of bobbles, this eco-lifestyle store full of natural, eco-friendly, and carefully cultivated products is a shopping paradise. Catering more towards children five years and younger, they have various soft and adorable clothing, charming accessories, and the best selection of durable heirloom-worthy toys, including Waldorf!

A customer favorite among their unique products and gear is their books! They take the artwork and the message seriously when choosing which books to sell. If you’re an expecting mother, you can also find an array of exciting treasures for yourself while gathering things for your little one. Need something that is not on the shelves? Perhaps sage advice on how to start your clothes and diapers? Surprisingly they have that too! They offer workshops for families to get the help they need.


Parenting by Nature is a small business with a purpose. They have shopping options available in-store at 15 Cedar Pointe Dr.Barrie, ON, and online. Additionally, they know and understand people may be hesitant about shopping online, but they have you covered. They are an in-stock store, which means their online carts are connected to their inventory. If you can add it to your cart, then it’s in stock. They never backorder products, and orders are shipped within 2 days! They have competitive or free shipping rates and an easy-peasy return and exchange routine to make things sweeter. While you’re busy taking care of your family, they are taking care of you.

Parenting By Nature

Every parent wants what’s best for their child. Thankfully Parenting by Nature makes that search easier. Their superior products and top-notch customer service will bring you back for more. 

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