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Oona Cares for an All-In-One Women & Pregnancy Center

A mother-to-be in an ornate luxury maternity gown and crown stands in a studio while the father-to-be kneels and kisses her belly Oona Cares

While Canada has many women’s centers and pregnancy care centers that are great, Oona Cares really is a one-in-all center that takes the cake! With locations in Toronto and Newmarket, you can’t go wrong with this wonderful center. They cover you from beginning to end of your pregnancy journey! 

About Oona Cares

Founded in 2017, Oona Cares has been raising the standard for pediatric, fertility, and perinatal care for almost 10 years! Brought to life by Dr. Sarah Mickeler, Oona Cares was created to empower pregnant people to feel better during pregnancy through postpartum, and especially as parents. They run on a mission to change the landscape of fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care in Canada while pushing towards their goal to provide exceptional care to each of their patients, from newborns to grandparents! They dedicated themselves to providing and building a community that parents all need by providing information, treatments, and choices that allow everyone to feel their best, which are all ultimately provided by Oona Cares carefully put together team of practitioners, teachers, educators, classes, and services that all play a role in life and staying healthy. 


Oona Cares is proud to offer a full range of evidence-based services to cover your journey through fertility, prenatal, postpartum, pediatric, and family. Their services include pelvic floor physiotherapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, lactation and breastfeeding support, doula care, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, mental health support, osteopathic care, emotional freedom techniques, pregnancy nutritionists, occupational therapy, sleep support, prenatal care, in vitro fertilization, and anything else you may need during your journey, including whole family health. 

A mother to bee stands in a studio in a tule gown and bedazzled maternity one-piece while her partner stands with a hand on the bump Oona Cares

Oona Cares also covers pediatric care and offers pediatric milestone development assessment, injury treatment, plagiocephaly treatment, infant sleep issue treatment, pediatric care massage and chiropractic, lip and tongue tie care and stretching, pediatric care physiotherapy, pediatric occupational therapy, pediatric mental health care, essential oil education, and help with picky eaters. On top of their numerous services, Oona Cares provides tons of resources and information to help with topics such as pelvic floor health, prenatal yoga poses, infant and child development, acupressure points, and information on birth doulas. 


With a strong dedication to empowering and educating their clients, Oona Cares also provides a variety of classes and workshops. These classes can include on-demand classes or free/low-cost classes such as:

  • Childbirth education classes
  • Prenatal classes
  • Postnatal classes
  • Parent/caregiver and baby classes
  • Infant CPR and family safety classes
  • Yoga classes, and so many more!

Oona Cares

Oona Cares is simply one of the best options to receive dedicated women’s care and more! 

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